Stimulation of self-healing and the development of intellectual potential by using frequencies

Since our brain is used as a transmitter and a receiver of electromagnetic frequencies,

the frequency creating technologies enable us to influence on the physical and mental capacities so that the brain is 'set' at a specific frequency.

Since the 1920's, when the first EEG was developed, scientists have found out that our brain produces electromagnetic waves that can be divided into four different types. In doing so, passes from one to the other are natural.

Delta waves (below 4 Hz)

Delta waves primarily are helping with deep relaxation, allowing maximum physical and mental regeneration, easily introducing us into the stages of sleep and deep sleep. Also, they stimulate the inherent secretion of growth hormones in the human body.

Theta waves (4 Hz - 8 Hz)

Theta waves facilitate access to hidden knowledge, strengthening our intuition, making visualization easier, and generally encouraging a greater and higher degree of creativity.

Consciousness investigators believe that the so-called Schumann frequency (7.83 Hz) is considered to be an especially important . This is the frequency that planet Earth oscillates with, and the frequency that is necessary for the life of all human beings (each spacecraft is equipped with a generator that emits a corresponding magnetic field), it encourages creativity and allows us access to intuitive knowledge ('knowledge of the Earth' on the morphogenetic field).

The Schumann Resonance frequency (7.83 Hz) stimulates an increase in concentration levels and our attention spam without any effort, and it also affects the creation of a beneficial balance with hyperactivity. Experiments have shown that hyperactive children in particular, can have benefits from this frequency. Emotional and mental balance (good mood, serene relaxation) are also checked results from the Schumann resonance frequency acting.

Alpha waves (8 Hz - 13 Hz)

Alpha waves are not mentally focused; they spread calm and pleasant feeling, keeping your brain in a mainly neutral condition. They are very suitable for disintegrating stress with relaxation.

Beta waves (13 Hz to above 100 Hz)

Beta waves concentrate our mind pointing outwards, strengthening the concentration in external activities and helping us in dealing with specific problems.

Changes in physical, emotional and mental levels can be easily achieved

Taking into account the frequencies above mentioned, it is possible to adjust the frequency of the brain as we wanted it to be, with appropriate activities (deep relaxation, meditative state, concentration).

Beside the devices ability to create the scalar field, like 'mind machines', it can also be applied for  meditation. So eventually we learn that quite consciously we can achieve mental and physical conditions, gaining more and more control over our own potentials. Thus we are able to easily focus our own personal time-space vessel from the everyday emotional and mental waves to the calm waters of serene relaxation.

Devices that generate pulsating force fields with scalar waves and the frequency of the Schumann resonance may protect us particularly effective from harmful frequencies of electromagnetic fields and help us to develop our full intellectual potential.

At the same time these devices facilitate the achievement of physical, emotional and mental balance. In our often bustling and turbulent lifestyle procurement of such a device is an investment that is highly beneficial for our general health.